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4 Degrees of Separation?

I thought you might want to see this this, if you haven't already. It was posted today.

Facebook (FB) Comments Appear In Google Search Indices

So, I came across these short articles here and here

They basically say that Google is getting smarter at understanding the content behind Java Script and AJAX. As a highlighted result, the text from FB comments now appear in Google‘s search indices. I believe it raises even more privacy concerns for FB users for the most part.

What is your take on this? What are the pros and cons of this for FB in large scale (e.g. Is FB actually going to take advantage of this?) and for the individual users (e.g. Are they going to be dissatisfied with their private comments being visible/searchable? Are they going to reduce their daily dose of FB?, ...) Do you think there is a possibility that Google has done so in order to challenge FB?

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